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12 Street Children From Pakistan That Will Inspire You


How often do we come across kids on streets or in places in Pakistan where they shouldn’t be. Here’s a little personal insight into the lives of such children. These 12 street children will warm you up and leave you inspired !

12.) The 10 year old chatterbox…

10382873_688952167807560_8788716301563891791_n“Meray abbu masjid k bahar topi tasbeeh ka theila lagatay hein. Mail ziada nahi khareed paatay tau kamai bhi waisi hi hoti hay. Amma bus ghar pr rehti hein. Behan ko sillai ka shoq hay par us k paas machine nai hay. Abhi abba uski shaadi krwarhay hein. Us k baad mein factory par kaam karnay lagunga. Jab tak bus subha gariyan saaf karta hun aur shaam mein sipaara parhnay jata hun. Aap kia kartay hein?”

source: Boi Meets The World


 11.) The adorable little seller you just can’t refuse…

66825_551104211619398_2022561818_nMy friends and I were sitting outside McDonald’s, Sea View, when this little boy came up to me. “Hello, baji. This is for you. Yeh lay lain, please” He insisted. There was no way I could say no to him. – ©Rabia Khan

source: Humans of Karachi


 10.) The determined one against all the odds…

10418400_729587387104412_3782618817045092136_nThis child said, “I wear my old school’s uniform everyday to work to make me believe that one day i will be going back to school.”He wakes up at 10am, buys corn and takes them to the beach daily to sell them and buy enough food for his family on the way back home.

He also added, “I am better than those who steal or beg.”

I saw hope in him. Hope of a better future, a better life and a better living.

source: Karachiites Studios


 9.) The happy go lucky chai wala boy who can brighten up your day with his smile…

1553211_695733100489841_2860046437495918347_oTea boy at Animal market near Saddar Karachi. He asks me to take his picture and then asks which newspaper it will be published in! – ©Ali Ahmed

source: Humans of Karachi


 8.) This confident and bold beauty…


“I got into a little tête-à-tête with this young girl selling very pretty handmade keyrings and charms. Mariam’s family moved back to Karachi from Swat a few months ago, aspiring for a better life for her 7 siblings. I was captivated by her enthusiasm when she revealed to me that she goes for tuitions in the evening, where she is even learning English. She chatted confidently with me and at the same time, offered suggestions to my daughter who sifted through her wares. When I requested her for a photograph, she asked me to capture her basket too in the photograph” – ©Saira Malik

source: Humans of Karachi


 7.) The lost one who deserves a lot more like many others like him…

10492209_750914451638372_4578733808411862184_n“I usually hand out biscuits to young kids so I called him and gave one to him. I thought he’d sit down, open and eat it. But he went back and stood in the same position just like in the picture and it just struck me and literally broke me. Maybe something like handing out a biscuit didn’t seem enough – this kid like many others deserves more.”

source: Ilsa F Zia


 6.) This hardworking ‘little adult’ who supports his household…

10419039_714135335320706_3949071159725603006_n“Mein ghar mein sab say bara larka hun. Behnon ke shadiyan hogaen aur baki bhai chotay hein. Abba k kaam ka pata nai hota, kismet hoti hay tau lag jata hay. Ab zimendari bachti hay mujh par. Tau kuch tau karna hay. Parhai kari thi thori phir carwash par lag gaya ab 2 saal honay walay hein. Kaam mein maza ata hay phir ghar bhi sanbhal rha hay tau ab mein ye chor nai sakta.”

source: Boi Meets The World


 5.) The little cutie who has memorized all the songs in English…


“Meet this bright young beauty, who was selling roses near Mcdonald’s Croniche – Seaview. I was taken aback as she was singing english songs with proper lyrics, without knowing their meaning. It were the songs played by Mcdonalds that she had learnt by heart.”

source: Misha Muttalib


 4.) The happy and content one…

1491539_632119413517877_624186175_oWhile doing photography assignment at Karachi Cantt. Station, This young fella came to me and said “paijaan ek meri vi tasweer le lo! … “

I just captured him right away and showed him the picture, he said with an expression of happiness “changi aa!, waddi mehrbaani, Allah twaanu khair naal pauhnchaway!”

Everyone smiles in the same language. – ©Tabish Ghani

source: Humans of Karachi


 3.) The wishful one…

10380715_735447966518354_1422037071473416195_oFound her sleeping on this cart. As we crossed her her eyes flickered open. I smiled and we started to chat.

“Bahut thakk gayee thee. Subha say bheek maang rahee houn-
mujhe school ka bahut shoak hai magar ghar walay chahtay hain mein yeh kaam karoun. Agar parhti toh barri ho kay doctor banti.”

(I’m very tired. I’ve been begging for money since the morning- I would really like to go to school but my parents prefer I do this instead. If I were to study, I’d grow up and be a doctor.)

source: Humans of Karachi


 2.) The easily amused one…

1973342_699892283407256_4767539200633911462_o“Teen ghante lagay dhoondne mein. Jalaey ga ghar mein na. Raat mein thand hota hai. Abhi bus maghrib tak ghar ponchunga. Bhag kar aaya. Munna aur Amma toh abhi utha rahe hai….(and with a huge smile on his face he said the following) Mien pehle aaya!.” 

(It took me three hours to collect these. We will burn them for warmth during the cold night. I will reach home by Maghrib (2-3 hours from when I met him).

I ran thus far but Munna and Amma (his mother and younger brother) are still collecting these thorns. (He said the following with a huge smile on his face) I came first!)

Without a seconds wait, I saw my friend, F, taking the branches off this boys head and quickly putting them in the diggi of our car. On the way to his home, this boy kept whistling and shouting out the window to the people on the road to look at him. He really had the most brilliant smile on his face.

source: KarachiChaiwalla


 1.) And if your heart hasn’t already melted, then this one will surely do the job…

984231_690478077708272_1928041139438660201_nWe were shopping when I came across this incredibly cute child, who was selling tissue papers. There was this warmth in his smile, and the way he talked to me. He turned to go away, but I just couldn’t let him go. I stopped and asked him if he’d like to join me for a meal which he agreed.

So, we’re at the counter and the cashier tells me the amount I was supposed to pay. I took the cash out of my wallet and then turned to ask my roommate if she had a fifty and this incredible little cutie-pie goes “Merayy Paas Hain!” (I have it!) and tries to pay!
As if that wasn’t heart-winning enough.
Once we started eating, he ate half of his burger, and starts wrapping it up. When I asked him, what happened? Isn’t he hungry anymore?
He goes, “I am, but I want to save this for my little sister.”

He won my heart! This kid…

I have so much respect for him.
We always think we’re going through the worst and yet there are people like this kid out there! – © Afaf Baig

source: Humans of Pakistan


 So remember to be kind and courteous next time you encounter a child on the streets or in a workplace where he or she doesn’t belong. Every single one of these 12 children should be in school right now and more importantly should not have to work to keep their stomachs fed. These short glimpses into the lives of such less fortunate yet hopeful children should provide us with something to reflect on and give us plenty of reasons to be grateful for.


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